MudHoney is FaMESHed

Priya Sofa Ad 1

MudHoney is excited to be participating in this month’s FaMESHed event. This month, you’ll find the Priya Sofa, Drapes, and Chandelier.

MudHoney Priya Sofa

The Priya Sofa is packed full of more than 50 animations for couples, friends, family, and singles! At only 10 land impact, this sofa will fit into any SL home.

MudHoney Priya Chandelier

The Priya Chandelier is a modern, red colored chandelier that is the perfect accent lighting. The Priya Chandelier has a land impact of 7 and coordinates with other items in the Priya line.

MudHoney Priya Drapes

The Priya Drapes are neutral printed, extra long drapes. These will fit into any SL decor.

Visit MudHoney @ FaMESHed.

2 thoughts on “MudHoney is FaMESHed

  1. […] For this week’s Fifty Linden Friday, MudHoney has the Priya Trunk and Priya Knot Rugs. Both of these coordinate perfectly with the Priya furniture that is available at FaMESHed. […]

  2. […] which I feel are worth picking up. The first is this Priya sofa with drapes and a chandelier from MudHoney for […]

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