It’s Home and Garden Expo time again! MudHoney can be found on the Home & Garden Expo 2 sim with several new releases and RFL donation items.

mudhoney evie bed peacock

mudhoney evie bed shabby

The Evie Bed is a new release available in Peacock and Shabby versions. They are made for kids, but adults can use them also. The beds contain 12 singles, 7 friends, and 7 parent/child animations, some of which rez props. The laptop screen can be clicked to change textures.

mudhoney dollies ad

Dollies are another new release available at the Expo. Each Dollie includes rezzable and hold versions, and the dolls’ outfit can be changed by clicking them and choosing from the menu. The dolls will each be sold with a rez version and a hold version.

mudhoney evie nightstand peacock

mudhoney evie nightstand shabby

The Evie Nightstands coordinate perfectly with the Evie beds and are also available in Peacock and Shabby versions. The night stands are in the RFL kiosks. The baby blue, pink and white will be available in one kiosk, and the royal blue, turquoise and red will be available in the other. 100% of the sales from the nightstands will go to RFL.

Visit MudHoney @ the Home & Garden Expo


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