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Go to the Cinema with MudHoney

MudHoney Priya Bed MP

MudHoney is excited to be a part of Cinema 2012! Cinema runs until the 31st and is a must see! You can find MudHoney in the XXX section with two exclusives – the Priya Bed and the Priya Dance Stool

mudhoney priya bed colors

The Priya bed is a mesh, texture change bed that is packed full of animations. Singles, PG Couples, Adult Couples, solo-time and more… Curtains are included and the bed is mod/copy

MudHoney Priya Dance Stool MP

The Priya Dance Stool is a mesh, three prim stool perfect for entertaining that special someone. The stool includes 7 dance animations and is texture change to coordinate with the rest of the Priya set.

Visit MudHoney in the XXX section of Cinema!