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Haberdash your way to FaMESHed’s 4th Birthday!



These beautiful curtains are out at FaMESHed for May and boy are there an absolute ton of different options available!

All the curtains are texture change and 11 Land Impact, and come with 4 different hardware colors.

The Dips come with 16 color block options

The Solids comes with 25 color options

The Trims come with 17 drape colors and 12 trim options!


If you’re in the FaMESHed group you can grab these awesome tea trays too for FaMESHed’s 4th Birthday celebrations! Mudhoney is delighted to have been a part of FaMESHed for so long, and to see the event grow and grow!

FaMESHed runs from the 1st until the 27th of the month!

Visit MudHoney at this month’s FaMESHed.


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Gina Patio Furniture from Mudhoney @ FaMESHed

Add some contemporary color and comfort to your outdoors with this vibrant seating from Mudhoney for FaMESHed this month!

mudhoney gina patio furniture

2 land impact
9 single animations
comes in 15 colors

2 land impact
6 single animations, 3 cuddles, 7 friends
comes in 10 colors

1 land impact
comes in 12 colors/patterns

FaMESHed runs from the 1st until the 28th of the month!

Visit MudHoney at this month’s FaMESHed.

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Mudhoney is FaMESHed again!

mudhoney anna bed ad

Arriving into your bedroom in a choice of 10 colors, available in PG or Adult versions., this bed also has (almost) endless texture change blankets and pillows so you’re sure to find a combo that matches your decor!

This beautiful contemporary bed also boasts 24 singles animations and 19 cuddle animations for the PG version, and an additional 37 adult poses in the Adult version.


mudhoney anna bed texture change options

Back Pillows- 20 textures
Middle Pillows- 12 textures
Accent Pillow- 20 textures
Comforter- 20 textures
Throw Blanket- 15 textures

FaMESHed runs from the 1st until the 27th of the month! Go get you a new bed!

Visit MudHoney at this month’s FaMESHed.


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MudHoney @ FaMESHed

mudhoney amy bookcase ad

Happy New Year! Get your year started off right and check out the first FaMESHed of 2015! The Amy Bookcase is available in 5 different woods. It is in 3 separate pieces, so you can configure the shelves in different ways. The back of the bookcase is texture change with 21 options. The Amy Bookcase Accessories can be purchased separately or as part of a fatpack.

Visit MudHoney at this month’s FaMESHed.

MudHoney @ FaMESHed

mudhoney chelsey bed ad

The MudHoney Chelsey bed, tables, and artwork are all available this month at FaMESHed. Until November 27th, you can choose between 8 headboard colors and PG and Adult versions of the Chelsea bed. Via the headboard menu, customize your bed with texture changeable blankets and pillows. Switch between 18 throw textures, 8 duvet textures, 23 pillow textures, and 23 accent pillow textures. The PG version includes 11 single and 32 couple animations. The Adult version includes 11 single, 32 couple, and 33 adult animations. Complete your bedroom with the coordinating Chelsey tables, available in 7 colors.

Visit MudHoney at this month’s FaMESHed.

Flynn Kitchen @ FaMESHed

MudHoney Flynn Kitchen

Available this month at FaMESHed, the Flynn Kitchen is available in five different colors and is modular so that you can configure your kitchen however you’d like. The set is packed with singles and PG Couples animations.

MudHoney Flynn Kitchen

Cabinets are available in 5 finishes – antique, beech, cherry, red, tobacco.

all cabinet colors

Appliances are available in 5 colors – almond, black, red, stainless, and white.

all appliance colors

Stools are available in 4 colors and 2 wood finishes.

all stool colors

MudHoney @ February FaMESHed

mudhoney ophelia entry


MudHoney is back at this month’s FaMESHed with the Ophelia Entry set. All pieces sold separately and additional colors are available for the screen and console table. The set is mod/copy and is only 15 land impact.  This set is Materials Ready and requires the Advanced Lighting Model enabled.

The Ophelia Entry is available exclusively at this month’s FaMESHed.

MudHoney @ December FaMESHed

mudhoney eva holiday dining

Get ready for the holiday’s with MudHoney’s Eva Holiday Dining Room.  This neutral holiday dining room will fit into any decor and can be used after the holidays as well! Table, chairs, place settings, and accessories are included, with each chair having 12 poses. The set is mod/copy and is only 22 land impact.  This set is Materials Ready and requires the Advanced Lighting Model enabled.

The Eva Holiday Dining Room is available exclusively at this month’s FaMESHed.

MudHoney @ FaMESHed

mudhoney sydney chair ad

MudHoney is back at FaMESHed with two more pieces of the Sydney Collection.

The Sydney Chair coordinates perfectly with the Sydney Sofa and has 14 singles animations. With only 2 prim expense and a variety of colors, the Sydney Chair will be a perfect addition to any room.

The Sydney Chair is available exclusively at FaMESHed.

mudhoney sydney lamp ad

The Sydney Lamp is available exclusively at FaMESHed and will brighten up any room!

MudHoney @ FaMESHed Birthday Bash!

MudHoney Ryan Diningroom

FaMESHed is celebrating its first birthday with an epic round. The Ryan Dining Room is available exclusively at the FaMESHed’s Birthday Bash. This modern, casual room features wooden table and chairs set, complete with place settings. The brightly colored buffet, flowers, and artwork bring this room together

MudHoney Ryan Diningroom

Room includes table, chairs, buffet and accessories. Each chair has 12 animations and the whole set is only 37 land impact! Set is Mod/Copy so you can use as many pieces as you’d like.

Available exclusively at FaMESHed’s Birthday Bash.