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MudHoney @ Zodiac – Capricorn

mudhoney beckett desk & chair

MudHoney is in this round’s Zodiac – Capricorn! The Beckett Desk and Chair have been designed with the Capricorn in mind – a green leather chair for earthy and sturdiness and a structured, traditional desk. The entire set is only 3 prims and is mod/copy.

Visit Zodiac and get in touch with your inner Capricorn.


MudHoney for Zodiac Libra

mudhoney libra sofa

MudHoney is participating in the Libra round of the Zodiac event. The Libra sofa is a customizable sofa that will seat six with each seat cushion having four single animations. Cushions, pillows, and base wood are all texture changing with a simple click. This mesh sofa has a land impact of only 10 and is mod/copy/no trans.

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