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Virginia Loves to Decorate @ Mudhoney

mudhoney virginia cabinet


Ideal as a focal point in any room, this beautiful cabinet comes in a two pack with curtains or without, and in 10 separate colors. The drawers and doors open and close, and it comes in at 6 Land Impact!

Out for LTD here: District/100/127/2497 from noon SLT on June 12th until the 30th!

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Mudhoney is FaMESHed again!

mudhoney anna bed ad

Arriving into your bedroom in a choice of 10 colors, available in PG or Adult versions., this bed also has (almost) endless texture change blankets and pillows so you’re sure to find a combo that matches your decor!

This beautiful contemporary bed also boasts 24 singles animations and 19 cuddle animations for the PG version, and an additional 37 adult poses in the Adult version.


mudhoney anna bed texture change options

Back Pillows- 20 textures
Middle Pillows- 12 textures
Accent Pillow- 20 textures
Comforter- 20 textures
Throw Blanket- 15 textures

FaMESHed runs from the 1st until the 27th of the month! Go get you a new bed!

Visit MudHoney at this month’s FaMESHed.


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MudHoney @ FaMESHed

mudhoney chelsey bed ad

The MudHoney Chelsey bed, tables, and artwork are all available this month at FaMESHed. Until November 27th, you can choose between 8 headboard colors and PG and Adult versions of the Chelsea bed. Via the headboard menu, customize your bed with texture changeable blankets and pillows. Switch between 18 throw textures, 8 duvet textures, 23 pillow textures, and 23 accent pillow textures. The PG version includes 11 single and 32 couple animations. The Adult version includes 11 single, 32 couple, and 33 adult animations. Complete your bedroom with the coordinating Chelsey tables, available in 7 colors.

Visit MudHoney at this month’s FaMESHed.

Sweet Dreams with MudHoney

MudHoney Penelope Bed
MudHoney is a part of this month’s Garden event. The Penelope Bed is available in adult, PG and kid versions in six different colors schemes, each sold separately. Bed is scripted to rez a blanket when you sleep. Penelope Bed’s adult size is 10 prims and the kid size is only 5 prims.

Visit MudHoney @ the Garden until February 10th!

MudHoney Penelope Ad2

MudHoney Visits Area 51

MudHoney is back at this month’s Garden with the Rita Bed and Rita Table.

mudhoney rita bed ad


The Rita Bed is available in PG and Adult versions. The PG version includes 19 single animations, 35 cuddles,  and 7 family poses. The Adult version includes 19 single animations, 35 cuddles, and 26 adult animations. At only 10 LI, this bed will work in any SL Home.

mudhoney rita table

Visit MudHoney @ the Garden until September 10th!

Fifty Linden Friday @ MudHoney

mudhoney ryan nightstand

MudHoney is a part of this week’s Fifty Linden Friday with the Ryan Nightstand. Coordinating with the rest of the Ryan collection, purchase includes the nightstand and lamp. At three prims total (2 for the lamp, 1 for the nightstand), these can be used together or separately in any room. Both pieces are mod/copy/no transfer.

Visit us today for the exclusive Fifty Linden Friday pricing.

MudHoney for Fifty Linden Friday

MudHoney Padded Headboard

New for Fifty Linden Friday, this texture change Padded Headboard. Scripted for changing fabric and wood textures in colors that will fit in anywhere, the headboard is only 1 prim and is mod/copy/no transfer.

Visit us today for the exclusive Fifty Linden Friday pricing.


It’s Home and Garden Expo time again! MudHoney can be found on the Home & Garden Expo 2 sim with several new releases and RFL donation items.

mudhoney evie bed peacock

mudhoney evie bed shabby

The Evie Bed is a new release available in Peacock and Shabby versions. They are made for kids, but adults can use them also. The beds contain 12 singles, 7 friends, and 7 parent/child animations, some of which rez props. The laptop screen can be clicked to change textures.

mudhoney dollies ad

Dollies are another new release available at the Expo. Each Dollie includes rezzable and hold versions, and the dolls’ outfit can be changed by clicking them and choosing from the menu. The dolls will each be sold with a rez version and a hold version.

mudhoney evie nightstand peacock

mudhoney evie nightstand shabby

The Evie Nightstands coordinate perfectly with the Evie beds and are also available in Peacock and Shabby versions. The night stands are in the RFL kiosks. The baby blue, pink and white will be available in one kiosk, and the royal blue, turquoise and red will be available in the other. 100% of the sales from the nightstands will go to RFL.

Visit MudHoney @ the Home & Garden Expo

Go to the Cinema with MudHoney

MudHoney Priya Bed MP

MudHoney is excited to be a part of Cinema 2012! Cinema runs until the 31st and is a must see! You can find MudHoney in the XXX section with two exclusives – the Priya Bed and the Priya Dance Stool

mudhoney priya bed colors

The Priya bed is a mesh, texture change bed that is packed full of animations. Singles, PG Couples, Adult Couples, solo-time and more… Curtains are included and the bed is mod/copy

MudHoney Priya Dance Stool MP

The Priya Dance Stool is a mesh, three prim stool perfect for entertaining that special someone. The stool includes 7 dance animations and is texture change to coordinate with the rest of the Priya set.

Visit MudHoney in the XXX section of Cinema!

MudHoney @ Motif

mudhoney matilda patio set

MudHoney is excited to be participating in the brand new Motif* event! As part of the event, MudHoney has collaborated with Funky Junk to furnish and decorate a home. The Matilda Patio Set is perfect for relaxing in front of the outdoor fireplace.

mudhoney matilda bed

The Matilda Cupboard Bed is a cute bed placed in a cupboard with working doors. The bed is packed with singles, couples, friends and working animations and fits perfectly in the Matilda house.

mudhoney awesome dog painting

The Awesome Dog Painting is perfect for decorating the walls of the Matilda home.

Visit MudHoney @ Motif