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Virginia Loves to Decorate @ Mudhoney

mudhoney virginia cabinet


Ideal as a focal point in any room, this beautiful cabinet comes in a two pack with curtains or without, and in 10 separate colors. The drawers and doors open and close, and it comes in at 6 Land Impact!

Out for LTD here: District/100/127/2497 from noon SLT on June 12th until the 30th!

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MudHoney @ the Home Show

mudhoney mix and match dining

Available at this year’s Home Show, MudHoney’s mix and match dining lets you select your favorite chair and table style. With 4 table and chair styles, you can completely customize your dining room! Choose between 6 table wood options, and 14 chair fabric options. Chairs have texture change woods and 22 animations.

Visit MudHoney @ Home Show May 1-31


MudHoney @ December FaMESHed

mudhoney eva holiday dining

Get ready for the holiday’s with MudHoney’s Eva Holiday Dining Room.  This neutral holiday dining room will fit into any decor and can be used after the holidays as well! Table, chairs, place settings, and accessories are included, with each chair having 12 poses. The set is mod/copy and is only 22 land impact.  This set is Materials Ready and requires the Advanced Lighting Model enabled.

The Eva Holiday Dining Room is available exclusively at this month’s FaMESHed.

MudHoney @ FaMESHed Birthday Bash!

MudHoney Ryan Diningroom

FaMESHed is celebrating its first birthday with an epic round. The Ryan Dining Room is available exclusively at the FaMESHed’s Birthday Bash. This modern, casual room features wooden table and chairs set, complete with place settings. The brightly colored buffet, flowers, and artwork bring this room together

MudHoney Ryan Diningroom

Room includes table, chairs, buffet and accessories. Each chair has 12 animations and the whole set is only 37 land impact! Set is Mod/Copy so you can use as many pieces as you’d like.

Available exclusively at FaMESHed’s Birthday Bash.